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Shading Solution
Blinds in glass are a cleaner, sleeker, and stylish shading solution for homes and businesses. Nōtan’s quality integral blinds are available in a range of sizes, colours and styles. Request a free quote from us today and enjoy our expert advice, professionalism and a commitment to customer service that goes the extra mile. Request Quote Electric Integrated Blind
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Integrated Blinds
Our team has been part of the industry for over 27 years, so you know when you choose Nōtan, you’re choosing the best. Our experience and knowledge can help you from your quote to installation. Request Quote
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Shading Solutions
Nōtan Blinds are incredibly innovative and easy-to-use for the ideal finishing touch in any home or business, as well as offering the ultimate control of light. Request Quote Electric Integrated BLinds

Quality product and service is at the forefront of our business and Nōtan always delivers the best value for money. Our range of products have been deliberately designed and carefully manufactured to provide high-performances IGUs combined with the highest levels of energy efficiency and excellent through-life operation. With one of the most rigorous testing programmes of any integrated blinds manufacturers, you’ll be getting the best with Nōtan. Our Blinds are tested on 10,000 repetitive cycles for both lift and tilt functions.

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