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Aluminium Integrated Rooflights


We are currently offering 40% discount on all rooflights without blinds and 20% discount on all rooflights with blinds. This special offer also includes free delivery.

Nōtan’s Rooflights are aluminium flat glass rooflights, ideal for bringing in light and style to all types of homes.  Our rooflights are a high-performance and durable aluminium system with a stylish design. They can be easily and quickly fitted by your window installer, and with retrofit possibilities. With every rooflight, you can be guaranteed excellent through-life operation with our 5 year guarantee!

Our automated blind system offers unrivalled convenience for your home with a simple electronic operation and remote control units. The electric blind is perfectly sealed between the unit for maintenance-free, reliable, and durable shading.

Our rooflights are available in a variety of different sizes and colours, as well as custom options. If you would like to find out anything more about our rooflights or bespoke designs, please call us on 01638 597729 or email

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Notan Rooflights are manufactured to deliver the highest levels of performance with a laminated softcoat inner pane, warm-edge spacer and 6mm toughened outer pane.

Units are argon filled as standard achieving impressive thermal values, known as u-values and can be as low as 1.0 W/m2K.

EnduroShield coating technology ensures an easy clean surface.

If custom sizes are required please contact Notan to enquire

Our aluminium frames are supplied as standard in a choice of white, grey and black. The integral blinds are always white. Bespoke RAL colours for frames are available by special order.

The units are typically double glazed but triple glazing is available by special order with a 33mm walk=on glass.

The glass specification is in accordance with the relevant British Standards. With particular

reference to BS 5516, BS6262, BS 6399 and BS EN 13022.


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