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Why Choose Nōtan Integrated Blinds

Modern solutions for modern living

High quality and low maintenance

Economical, safe and private

Integrated Blinds offer a modern shading solution that is exceptionally stylish, easy to use, and practical. At Nōtan, we understand and value the importance of aesthetics, so we offer many bespoke design options, from contemporary to classic finishes, plus a broad range of sizes for all windows and doors to suit your environment. Nōtan’s integrated blinds are built with quality, style, and practicality to help you enjoy your living and working spaces even more. As a plug and play system, our electric integrated blinds can even be retrofitted.

Nōtan’s blind systems are designed and engineered to ensure the highest quality blinds with leading technology. The combination of years of research and development, excellent craftsmanship, and beautiful design has culminated in the perfect integrated blind range of products. As integral blinds are completely sealed within a glass frame, you never have to worry about the slats getting dirty and dusty or having the right cleaning tool. Nōtan integrated blinds stay completely hygienic and dust free being argon gas sealed units Integral blinds are a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens too, as due to their sealed nature, they remain moisture-free, therefore preventing any chance of mould building up.

Help regulate your energy bills with Nōtan integrated blinds, these provide an insulating layer to your window or door. This layer acts as a barrier against cold draughts entering and heat escaping so whatever the external climate you’re in control, effectively maintain the heat inside keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Maintain your home’s privacy while allowing light to flood in. Inherently closed blinds offer any property visible protection from prying eyes.

Traditional corded blinds are well known as a potential hazard for injury especially with children and pets becoming entangled in blind’s cords or indeed the slats. The Nōtan integrated blinds cannot be physically touched and there are no dangling cords, therefore they cannot become a hazard to children and pets. Integrated blinds are also not affected by windy conditions, so you will never have to worry about them flapping around in breezy conditions. Also, you won't need to worry about them being misshapen or damaged. They're also quiet to operate compared to conventional noisy blinds.

  • Simple Control

  • 5 – 10 Year Guarantee

  • High Build Quality

  • Retrofit Options

  • Choice of style, colours & customisation

  • Value for Money

  • Tried & Tested